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Coffee Talk

Do you enjoy your morning coffee?

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Coffee elevates cortisol levels. Cortisol is also known as the death hormone.
  2. If you are drinking coffee every morning, you are probably dehydrated to some degree. If the first thing you reach for is coffee, that means you are reaching for a diuretic, and therefore worsening your state of dehydration. Did you know that everyone wakes up in some degree of dehydration due to the simple fact they are not drinking water or eating  for hours while they're sleeping.
  3. Coffee is one of the worse stomach irritants. Your stomach contains about 80% of your immune system. If you are irritating your stomach, then you are damaging your immune system.
  4. If you are drinking coffee everyday, that means that most likely you are not getting enough vitamin c.  Why? Because coffee and vitamin c, whether in vitamin form or citric juice form, do not go well together, unless you are using them as a stool softener. Vitamin c is shown to protect against some forms of cancer, and it has many other benefits including being necessary and beneficial for the skin.
  5. Caffeine is a drug and has negative effects on our physical and mental health. And of course, daily coffee drinkers are addicts.

Do you know why coffee shops make their coffee so strong? To keep you hooked so you'll keep coming back.




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